Advertising of drugs and supplements – how not to make a mistake?

Drugs and supplements these days can get “for everything” and almost “everywhere.” Even when it seems to us that we do not need them, just an advertising block that quickly “brings us out of error”. Some (hopefully most) approach this topic prudently – they only take the resources they need and after consultation with the doctor. Unfortunately, some people blindly believe in what they hear from a person wearing spectacles, who claims to be an expert in a short spot.

Supplements and medicines: how to separate the truth from the lie?

First of all, you should ask yourself whether you really need this supplement for restless legs, or the fact that several times we kick them in the night is solely due to the fact that something dreamed of us … And in any other case. Yes, supplements can help, but you can not tell yourself that we have to eat all their set to function normally.

What else do you need to pay attention to when you watch ads for medicines and supplements?

There is a whole range of hints that can affect the purchase decision. If you want to make it wise and proper, remember a few basic rules:

  • check if the producer gives the composition
  • carefully review the composition of the drug / supplement
  • avoid those that have the description in the description like “ionizing” or “electrolyzing”

One of the best advice is to do research on a given product. The doctor’s advice would be the best, but if you do not have the option – traditional online search will also be quite good.

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